Glass News from Angela, 10th September 2001

If this is the first time you have received my Glass Newsletter, welcome and I do hope you enjoy it.

This newsletter contents include: snippets about Daum glass, Ysart glass, and some news about Brody glass (I'm sure you must get questions about Brody glass all the time, just like I do!); some beautiful art glass from New Zealand for sale on ebay; some books on glass that you may have missed; plus information and a reminder about the Keith Murray exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum.
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1: Daum Glass: this week I've been doing some research on Daum Glass, from Nancy in France. One of the great glassmakers in the Art Nouveau period, they remained great throughout the Art Deco period, then through a long post-war period when they focussed on crystal glass, and over the past thirty years they have produced a series of masterpieces in pate-de-verre designed by such mega-stars as Salvador Dali. Did you know that glass signed "Lorrain" was made by Daum? We have a new page on the Glass Encyclopedia this week about Daum Glass which you can find at If anyone has a collection of Daum covering the range of their work, would they like to cooperate with me in doing a more extensive piece about Daum? I have drafted the text, I just need a set of pictures.

2: Ysart Glass: - Kevin Holt has updated some of the information in his article about Ysart Glass, which you can find at

3: On ebay this week we have some really superb art glass pieces from New Zealand. If you would like to look at just the pictures, go to - please give it time to load.
I hope you can find something you like amongst them.

From Peter Raos there is a "Star o' the sea" marine paperweight with a golden-amber background, on ebay #1271143910 and one of his millefiori water lilies series of paperweights on ebay #1273544328

From Garry Nash we offer two of his new "carnival" design magnum paperweights, a blue one on ebay #1273544160 and a red and yellow one on ebay #1271142083

From Peter Viesnik we have one of his amazing Starscape paperweights on ebay #1273544510 .
We also have one of his stunning Cala Lily paperweights on ebay #1272297910 .
And two of his superb fountain paperweights, a green one on ebay #1272296308 and a red and blue one on ebay #1273544703
Also a paperweight in his "Sea-scape" series on ebay #1271143166
And one of his beautiful stoppered bottles, - a frosted blue one on ebay # 1271144642.

From Keith Mahy we have two of his feather stripe paperweights, a superb pink one on ebay #1272296099 and a lovely blue one on ebay #1271139863 .

They are all put up without reserve and so far most of them do not have any bids. If you would like to see a quick summary, click here.

4: E O Brody Glass: - the glass I am most frequently asked about by novice collectors is E O Brody glass. Until recently we knew very little about who made it and when. I am most grateful to the Lancaster Colony Company for providing me with some more information about E.O.Brody, which you can read at:

4: Exhibitions and Glass Shows:
a: I mentioned the Keith Murray exhibition last newsletter, but I didn't tell you much about him. Keith Murray was a New Zealander who trained as an architect but then became one of the greatest Glass Designers in Britain between the wars. He designed glass primarily for Stevens and Williams, pottery for Wedgwood, and silver for Mappin and Webb. This exhibition at the Broadfield House Glass Museum in Kingswinford consists of about 50 pieces of glass designed by Keith Murray, and you can see it from the 18th of August until the 11th of November this year. For more information you can telephone (UK)01384 812745. Admission is free and the exhibition is open from 2pm to 5pm Tuesdays to Sundays.

5: Here are some Books about Glass - for your information in case you missed them:

a: First and foremost, Ivo Haanstra has written a superb little reference book - miller's glass fact file a-z (July 2001). Ivo is known to most of you as one of the really knowledgeable people who often answers questions on the Glass Club Message Board. Click here to read more about his very useful little book.

b:There's a new book by Torsten Brohan and Martin Eidelberg called Glass of the Avant-Garde: From Vienna Secession to Bauhaus (August 2001). It is published by the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid and covers early 20th century glass from Austria, Bohemia, and Germany. click here to read more about it.

c: Ralph and Terry Kovel have produced a new (7th) edition of their very popular book Kovels' Depression Glass & Dinnerware Price List (July 2001) click here to know more.

d: Earlene Wheatley has written a new (2nd) edition of the book Collectible Glass Shoes: Identification & Value Guide (July 2001) click here to read more about it.

I do hope there was something interesting for you this week.
Very best wishes

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