Glass News from Angela, 13th October 2003

In our newsletter this month we have a some news about Finnish glass, Whitefriars glass, a new article on the Scottish Paperweight Tradition and where John Deacons fits in, links to where you can find out about our Bagley Glass CD which is finally finished! Lots of information about glass exhibitions and events over the next couple of months, some newly published books about glass, and links to our glass on ebay. Welcome to all the new readers receiving my Glass Newsletter for the first time, I hope you find it interesting and useful.

I told you that people have started to send me information they would like included in this newsletter, and the following request is from a young glass blower, Lawrence West, who is working as a glass technician at Art College. He wrote:
"I'm a glass blower with some good experience and a degree in glass and I am looking for a job under a master glass maker. This work could be in Europe, Scandinavia or Oz. I can produce a good CV on request" - if there is anyone who can help him, his email address is If you have strong views about me including a message like that in our newsletter, do let me know please.

1: Finnish Glass:   Did you know that during the 1950s Milan Trienniale Glass Exhibitions, Finland won over 25% of the awards? The Finnish Government is trying to recreate the success acheived in the "Golden Age of Finnish Design" with a policy called "Design 2005". But in the 50s Finland and Sweden had the advantage over the rest of Europe that they continued making art glass and training artists and designers throughout the war years (1939 - 45) when their USA and European competitors had either closed down or were employed making utilitarian glass for the war effort. It will prove very difficult for Finland to retrieve their place in the world of art glass now.

Having said that, there have been some brilliant designers and artists in Finland during the past forty years. My own favourite is Oiva Toikka, whose "bird series" has been going since 1967 with a new glass bird every year. The Nuutajarvi Glassworks in Finland where Toikka produced many of his designs has been in existance since 1793. There's a new book by our own William Geary which focusses on art glass from Finland and Sweden - click here to read more about it:
Scandinavian Glass: Creative Energiesby William Geary published July 2003

2: Bagley Glass: Our CD on Bagley Glass is finally ready and you can read more about it at If you don't think you know Bagley Glass, take a look at our page and see if you recognise any of the pieces. Our very first buyer wrote "I have been looking at it every night since I recieved it, there is so much to see. I have already found the ID to some piece's I have had for sometime, and I know where some other piece's are, that is if they have not sold."
This CD incorporates the original Bagley Glass video by Derek and Betty Parsons, along with extensive catalogue views, pictures and information never published before. We are confident it will pay for itself very quickly by improving the information you can offer your buyers, or helping you to identify some of the more rare pieces of Bagley Glass.

3: Whitefriars Glass: There's a very interesting website which specialises in Whitefriars Glass that I came across recently. Its an interactive site and invites comments about the glass that is shown. Plenty of information here on Whitefriars glass -

4: John Deacons Glass: When I was in Scotland earlier this year I met John Deacons, one of Scotland's great paperweight makers. We have just added an article about John and his son Craig and the beautiful paperweights they make, which you can read at  and if you like their work we have some very nice pieces for sale including an ink-bottle paperweight vase on ebay just now -

5:OUR GLASS on ebay:

Peter Raos - it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain Peter Raos paperweights and the prices are going up all the time. We are currently offering a millefiori Vincent summer flowers paperweight on ebay at #2664320245

Peter Viesnik - an attrative seascape paperweight  - on ebay at #2662646303

Keith Mahy - from a new series of paperweights introduced recently by Keith, we are offering a beautiful and unusual Earthscape silver iridized paperweight - on ebay at #2663550875

Ray Ansin - another superb millefiori yellow flower garden in glass, this time with yellow flowers - on ebay #2664314718

John Deacons - superb millefiori ink bottle paperweight - on ebay at #2662644891

John Deacons - facet-cut traditional millefiori paperweight - on ebay at #2663550238

John Deacons - concentric millefiori paperweight in blue - on ebay at #2663550237

They are all put up without reserve and so far most of them do not have any bids. If you would like to see a quick summary with pictures, or keep in touch with the new items I am going to add, please go to


a: Touch: New work by Denis Mann 25th September - 2nd November at the Broadfield House Glass Museum, near Birmingham, UK. I met Denis earlier this year and saw some of the magnificent pieces he was working on. His exhibition explores the concept of touch in his latest series of engraved glass. Visit the Broadfield House website if you want to know more about where Broadfield House is, and when they are open -

b: Pilchuk Glass School Exhibition of Glass Art and Annual Auction Gala 6th and 7th November 2003 at The Westin, Seattle, USA. The Pilchuk Art Glass Auction items will be on display to the public from 5.30pm to 8pm on Thursday 6th November, the day before the auction itself. You can find out more information at -

c: British National Glass Collectors Fair, 9th November 2003. This will not be held at its usual venue (The National Motorcycle Museum) because this venue was severely damaged by fire last month. The fair will now be held at The Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, just off junction 12 on the M40 and only 30 minutes drive from the former venue. You can read more about the forthcoming Glass Fair at

d: Tiffany Glass - a talk by Jytte Willumstad at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, at 1:00 p.m on November 30th 2003. Read more about forthcoming events at the Met here: -

e: Depression Glass Shows in the USA (click here)- a listing of depression glass shows across the USA - really useful. It's amazing how many Depression Glass Shows there are in the USA. You are so lucky!

f: Antique Shows in the UK, France, and the USA - give it plenty of time to load; its a very useful site.

7: RECENT BOOKS ABOUT GLASS - for your information in case you missed them.
Click on any of these titles to read more about the book.

a: Carnival Glass: The Best of the Best: Identification Guide to Rare and Unusual Pieces by Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile. A new book by Edwards and Carwile which focusses on the rare and valuable items of Carnival Glass. Published by Collector Books, October 2003.

b: Adventures In Mosaics: Creating Pique Assiette Mosaics from Broken China, Glass, Pottery and Found Treasures by Meera Lester, Marsha Janda-Rosenberg; published September 2003. Pique assiette (French for "broken plate"  is back in vogue, and this book covers easy step-by-step instructions plus a wide range of suggested designs.

c: Glass Tumblers: Identification and Value Guide by Tom Bredehoft published by Collector Books in September 2003.

d : Great Art Glass Lamps: Tiffany, Duffner & Kimberly, Pairpoint, and Handel by Martin M. May published September 2003.

e: Bagley Glass by Angela Bowey, Derek and Betty Parsons; published September 2003.

f : Scandinavian Glass: Creative Energies by William Geary published July 2003. Extensive pictures and information about Finnish and Swedish glassworks and glass designers.

I do hope there was something interesting for you this week.

Very best wishes

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