Glass News from Angela, 11th February 2001

Once again, a special welcome to the new people who are receiving my Newsletter for the first time. I do hope you enjoy it. And thank you to all the old friends who have been passing on the recommendation - it is really encouraging to have new people wanting to join every day!

1: Jeanette Glass and Federal Glass are two US glassworks that are not covered very well in the literature. Both started up as bottle works around the turn of the century, and both became tableware manufacturers in time for the Depression Glass era. We have a new page on the Glass Encyclopedia for each - click here for Jeannette Glass and click here for Federal Glass; or go to

2: We found two books about glass just published this month: a new (6th) edition of Bill Banks Complete Price Guide for Victorian Opalescent Glass, Sixth edition, 2001- click here to read more about it.
Also just published is a second edition of Kyle Husloen's American Pressed Glass & Bottles Price Guide (for the Antique Trader) - click here to read more or order a copy.

3: This has been a very difficult week for us in relation to copyright issues. We are always careful to protect our material with copyright notices, and all our information on the Glass Museum and the Glass Encyclopedia is provided free for anyone to read. But one person copied text and photographs from several of our articles and published them under his own name with his own copyright notice in another on-line glass magazine. He seemed to think this was alright. What he did was a serious infringement of copyright.

We don't mind if another on-line website wishes to put a link to any of our articles. And if we are asked, we usually agree to allow part of an article to be reproduced in a newsletter or magazine off-line. But copying anything onto another website is definitely not acceptable in any circumstances. I'm sure most people understand that, but if you see any material from the Glass Museum or the Glass Encyclopedia on anyone else's website it would be really helpful if you could let me or the author know.

4: We now have a very interesting assortment of answers to our survey relating to Glass Insurance, and these are being collated and summarised so we can share them with you. There were not as many people as we thought who told us of their experiences with glass insurance, but there was some very good and interesting advice from the people who did respond. For example, the advice to make sure that your valuable glass is photographed in your home with something large and permanent in the background, to prove it was in your home! And of course, keep the photographs somewhere else, they will be no use if they are destroyed or lost! Some of the points raised are thought-provoking, others a bit controversial. We will have them ready to show you soon.

5: Once again we have some really special art glass pieces on ebay this week.
Several people have bought paperweights by Peter Viesnik recently, and have commented how superb they are. The marine paperweight with fish and underwater scene that is on ebay this week is a real beauty. If you don't know Peter's work, it is definitely worth taking a look. And if you do know his work, don't miss this one! You can see it on ebay #1212751643 .

Keith Mahy is another highly skilled New Zealand glass artist, and we have an "Environment" series vase (ebay #1213745557) a paperweight (ebay #1212472432) and two perfume bottles (ebay #1212750201 and ebay #1213826095) by Keith.
There are also two millefiori paperweights by Peter Raos (ebay #1214044429 and ebay #1212749404), and a vase (ebay #1212472847) and paperweight (ebay #1213693771) by Garry Nash.
You can see a preview at and they are all put up without reserve.

I do hope there was something interesting for you this week.
Very best wishes

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