Glass News from Angela, 11th December 2000

Have you noticed how fast Christmas is coming towards us this year? I hope your preparations are all going well.
I have some really interesting glass news to share with you this week.

1: First of all, a topic close to our hearts, the safety of our glass collections. My dear friend Rosemary Tarlton (widow of the famous underwater treasure hunter Kelly Tarlton) had a display of antique jewelry stolen from her museum earlier this year; and it looks as if she is going to get nothing from the insurance company in spite of a very expensive insurance policy she has paid for years. Coincidentally one of our authors, Bill Geary, sent me a short article about insuring your glass, and that set my brain working. How many of our readers have had insurance claims relating to their glass collections, and how satisfied were they with the outcome?

Maybe there are some things we can do, some lessons others have learned from their experience, that we could all share. So before we publish an article about glass collection insurance, I have put together a short questionnaire which you can see at: If you have had any experience of making an insurance claim that related to some of your glass, would you fill it in for us and press the "submit" button. Mike (number one son) and I are the only ones who will see the information, and we will respect your privacy. Only the summary of results will be published.

And if you know anybody else who has made a claim relating to their art or glass collection, could you ask them to fill it in too? We will analyse it after the Christmas break, and publish an article then about insuring your collection. The form? - its at:

2: Steuben Glass are inviting entries for a design competition to coincide with The Glass Art Society's 30th Anniversary celebrations in June next year. This is a great opportunity for the successful designer, who will work with Steuben's craftspeople in their hot glass facility, to supervise the creation of their own design during the Conference, and see it featured in the auction at the end of the event. I have put more details about the competition at the end of this newsletter (I can't find a webpage containing the information and some of you might want to enter).

3: There are two books coming out very soon (December 2000) that I'm sure you would like to know about. The first is a new book on Carnival Glass by Glen and Stephen Thistlewood called A Century of Carnival Glass. (Click here to take a look or put in an advance order). If it is as good as their other book on Carnival Glass, then we all need a copy!

The other notable new glass book due out this month is by James Kervin and Dan Fenton, called "Pate de Verre and Kiln Casting Glass, 2nd Edition" - (click here to take a look or put in an advance order). James Kervin wrote a book on this topic some years ago, and it proved very popular. It has been out of print for a while now, and this new edition is written in cooperation with Dan Fenton - should be good.

4: This week I think the art glass paperweights and perfume bottles I have put on ebay are the best ever. They are the work of Peter Raos, Garry Nash, Peter Viesnik, and Keith Mahy. There is a superb cala lily paperweight, a beautiful tidal rock-pool weight, and a magnum marine paperweight. You can see a preview at and they are all put up without reserve. Some don't even have any bids yet.

5: Something for those of you who live near London: there's an exhibition of Glass Blown in London that includes some superb pieces by Whitefriars, Gray-Stan, and Nazeing as well as contemporary pieces by London artists. Its on all this week (finishing on the 15th) at: Grays Antique Market, Davies Mews, London W1 10am – 6pm Tel. 0207 7629 7034.

6: Our glass on ebay this week includes (click on any one to see the pictures)
- Peter Viesnik almost-Nailsea-type frosted glass perfume bottle
- a Keith Mahy turquoise perfume bottle, specially made for us
- magnum marine paperweight with tropical underwater scene, Peter Viesnik
- small deep blue perfume bottle by Garry Nash
- art glass fish necklace by Peter Viesnik
- a superb large size cala lily paperweight by Peter Viesnik
- Peter Raos's superb underwater "Tidal" paperweight.

I do hope there was something interesting for you this week.

Very best wishes
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More details about the STEUBEN DESIGN COMPETITION (Information released 7th December 2001)

Steuben is inviting entries for a design competition to be held in conjunction with the Glass Art Society Conference, which will be held in Corning, New York, June 13-17 2001.

The winner will be invited to supervise the creation of their design, working with Steuben's craftspeople, in the company's newly renovated hot glass facility. The session will take place during the Conference and the resulting glasswork will be featured in the auction at the end of the conference. The proceeds from the sale of the piece will be donated to the Glass Art Society.

The competition is open to all GAS members, students, artists, and designers working in glass.

The theme of the competition is Clear Innovation. Entrants should give their creativity free reign to develop ideas suitable for Steuben's unique crystal material. Entries must be able to be produced completely in clear glass during one glass blowing session in the hot glass facility in order to be finished within the limited timeframe of the conference.

Proposals should be sent in the form of sketches or technical drawings, and slides or photographs of models may also be included. Please do not send any actual glass or 3D protoypes.

All entries should be received by Monday April 16th 2001 and will be reviewed by the Steuben Design Group. The winner will be notified by April 30th.

Entries should be sent to:

Steuben Design Competition
Design Department
One Steuben Way
Corning, NY 14831

Further information about Steuben can be found at the company's website:

Further information about the Glass Art Society can be found at or 206-382-1305