Glass News from Angela, 26th December 2000

I hope you had a great Christmas and somebody bought you just the right piece of glass! There are several snippets of news I want to share with you. And when the time comes, I would like to wish you a happy and successful 2001.

1: First of all my information find of the holidays! Did you know the Iris and Herringbone pattern was reproduced in the 1950s in Australia? I bought myself a catalog of Crown Crystal Glass in Australia (no date but probably from the 1950s) and there in the catalog is the exact same pattern as Jeanette's Iris and Herringbone! The very one that is featured in the Depression Glass books and was produced in clear flint glass and carnival. I have put the two pictures side by side on the Glass Museum front page at - is this information widely known?

2: Thank you for your responses to our glass insurance survey, and for the email with advice and suggestions about insurance issues. We will wait another couple of weeks for folks to fill in the form or contact us. If you know anybody who has made a claim relating to their art or glass collection, could you ask them to fill it in? Also, if you are a glass appraiser, we would especially like to hear from you with your thoughts on insurance.

We will analyse it after the Christmas break, and publish an article then about insuring your collection. The form? - its at:

3: There are several new books about glass just published this month that you may find useful. The first is the Antique Trader's American Pressed Glass and Bottles Price Guide (2nd Ed) by Kyle Husfloen (Dec 2000) - its always useful to have an up-to-date guide, and this one has over 300 pages and some 9000 entries, all on American pressed glass and bottles.

There's also Lighting Fixtures of the Depression Era by Jo Ann Thomas (December 2000) and for the glass technologists, there's Electrochemistry of Glasses and Glass Melts (Schott Series on Glass) by Hans Bach, Friedrich Baucke, & Dieter Krause (Editors); and at last there's a book for those of us who collect glass bells, by Al A. Trinidad called Glass Bells (Jan 2001)

4: I have put some really special art glass pieces on ebay this week, a vase, paperweights and perfume bottles; the work of Garry Nash, Peter Viesnik, and Keith Mahy. They include a superb new design for the cala lily paperweight, a huge iridized glass vase, a more traditional white cala lily paperweight, and some really beautiful perfume bottles. You can see a preview at and they are all put up without reserve. At the moment there is a distinct shortage of bidding - maybe due to Christmas holidays! I hope your like them.

5: Australian Conference - There is a major glass conference in Melbourne from 15th to 27th January - its the 12th Biennial Ausglass Conference - events include workshops, guided tours of glass in Melbourne, lectures, trade show, glass auction - for more information visit their site at: .

6: Our glass on ebay this week includes (click on any one to see the pictures)
- Peter Viesnik new faceted design orange cala lily paperweight (a must see)
- a Keith Mahy blue perfume bottle, specially made for us
- a traditional white cala lily paperweight with cobalt blue base, Peter Viesnik
- huge iridized glass vase on cobalt blue by Garry Nash
- beautiful tall trailed glass perfume with blue, green and aventurine by Peter Viesnik
- another new design of perfume bottle, by Keith Mahy, with iridized trailing.

I do hope there was something interesting for you this week.

Very best wishes
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